About Drive Safe Sacramento
Find out about the Drive Safe Sacramento program. See why we're the best and learn of the benefits of taking our training.
Why Drive Safe Sacramento
What makes our program the best? We list our speciality equipment and highlight the experience of our instructors to give you the most comprehensive driver training in Sacramento.
Our instructors are second to none.
What does a typical day of training entail? What will you be doing? Find the answers to these questions and see when we offer our driver's training.
Here we explain what you will need prior to coming to class. In addition, we explain some of the classroom and vehicle policies.
Contact Us
Whether you would like to email, call, fax, or visit our facility, you will find out all of our contact information on this page.
Get the latest news on the topic of driving in the state of California.
Safe Driving
Know what you can do to be a safe driver.
We provide the latest laws and bills that pertain to you, the driver.
New Drivers
If you are a new driver, find out in the New Driver section the ways we can make your driver training experience a pleasant one. We'll give you the skills necessary for safe and defensive driving.
Supplemental Training
Our Supplemental training is designed for those who would like to brush up on their skills. Or maybe it has been awhile since you've been behind the wheel. Either way we've got you covered and offer the training you need to refine the driver skills you already possess.
Fire Service Personnel
Our Fire training is geared toward fire service employees. We give you the skills you need in your fire fighting career and offer continuous driver training no matter your agency size.
Law Enforcement Personnel
For sworn law enforcement personnel, we take you through the drills you need to make it through your law enforcement career and offer continuous driver training no matter your agency size. Our courses also fulfill the P.O.S.T. Emergency Vehicle Operations Training mandated every two years for sworn personnel.